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Access & Support For Every Project

We provide a comprehensive range of scaffold services for principal contractors, scaffold contractors, architects and structural engineers, for example.

In the construction industry, we understand that access and support work is an essential factor in the safety and successful completion of a building project. Whether you require scaffolding for maintenance, construction, repair, access or inspection, let us help you get off the ground.

Site Surveys & Visits

We can provide full site survey for scaffold design, along with a dedicated engineer to visit (access permitting) and attend meetings, where necessary. Alternatively, we can provide our own survey sheet for you to fill out with details of the required scaffold which we can then develop a design from.


We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have and to provide clarification or impartial advice pertaining to your scaffold requirements.


All the designs we supply are supported by working calculations for construction produced using in-house and specialist structural analysis software as well as hand prepared calculations. This helps you assess the impact the scaffolding structure will have on your existing structure.


Our fully detailed drawings conform to current legislation and British standards in an easy to understand format, available in electronic and paper versions.


TG20 compliance certificate sheets can be supplied where a full design is not necessary.

Complete Scaffold Solutions

Not only can we provide the scaffold designs, but we can also supply the complete scaffold solution via our sister company Euro Scaffolding, which can save you the time and hassle of bringing more contractors on board.

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